A relaxation massage has a calming and soothing effect, relaxing the muscles, improving the blood circulation and leading to a more effective metabolism. A relaxation massage is gentler and more focused on increasing awareness of the body. 


My goal with this massage is for you to be as relaxed as possible when you leave again. Together, we will talk about the areas that you feel need more attention and I adjust the massage accordingly.
A special pregnancy massage table is used, designed especially for your belly and breasts. So, not only can you finally lie face down again, but you will get a massage, too! During the massage, we use biological almond oil without preservatives or artificial fragrances or colouring, which is good for your skin and minimises stretch marks. The massage lasts 55 minutes and costs €70, including almond oil and a soothing cup of tea before or after the massage.


For improved overall performance or to promote recovery after an injury.


The chair massage is given on a specially-designed chair that I will bring with me to the location of the massage. Since clothing is kept on during the massage, no oil is used. Also, if you are uncomfortable about a full massage, this is a good place to start.
This massage is ideal for physical pain or discomfort (such as stiff or aching muscles after a long period of working with bad posture) or stress. I apply pressure with my elbows and hands to the areas that need it on your back, neck, shoulders, arms and hands. This increases the blood circulation and relaxes the muscles and joints. Pain in the arm, neck and shoulder areas, RSI and stress are minimised. The chair massage is a great way for companies to improve the atmosphere on the work floor and to encourage better performance.


The upper back, arms, shoulders, neck, scalp and face are massaged extensively.
The head massage alternates between soft and firm strokes and makes use of different massage techniques, like pressure points (Marma points). This helps to improve your blood circulation and is especially effective for reducing headaches and stress-related symptoms.

€40 for 30 minutes
€70 for 60 minutes
€90 for 70 minutes
Gift cards are also available.
Each massage ends with a cup of herbal tea and a glass of water.
It is important that you drink enough liquids after the massage.


-I have the feeling that you always do exactly what is needed.
-I always feel completely recharged after a session with you!
-I had no idea you could have a massage lying on your belly when highly pregnant. It was wonderful!