Pregnancy coaching

So, you’re expecting a baby, but still have no idea what to expect from your pregnancy?
You have questions like, what is diastasis or how important are the pelvic floor muscles?
Are you looking for someone who give you personalised coaching and a course that suits your personal needs?
Someone who can prepare you for childbirth so that you know which positions you can take during the opening phase or which breathing style will best help you through labour pains? But you have too little time for taking a full course and you would prefer it if someone came to you in your home?
Then I’m your woman! I will need about two to four hours to tell you everything you need to know.

Price: €125,- for a maximum of 4 hours.
Travel costs within Amsterdam are included in the price. Travel outside Amsterdam will be charged extra.
In some cases, this kind of coaching is covered under your supplementary health insurance package.
Find out how to register under Practical Information below.


-Your help certainly contributed to a smooth childbirth.
-Thanks to your explanation, I knew exactly how I had to sit for even the most intense labour pains.
-Childbirth went very well! And that was definitely also thanks to your support. It was a great help!



Postnatal & prenatal classes

With the birth of my daughter in 2015, I began to focus on providing the best possible support to women during pregnancy and for recovery after childbirth. An important component of this is strengthening the muscles in the torso and pelvic floor, as well as attention for alignment, posture and breathing techniques. We pay a lot of attention to these areas in postnatal and prenatal pilates. I discovered that these classes can be a tremendous support to women before and after childbirth.


During this class, we focus on:
-Exercises for the muscles and joints that experience the greatest changes during pregnancy, such as the torso, belly, pelvis (and pelvic floor) and back.
-Insights into the anatomic changes during pregnancy.
-Becoming conscious and improving your posture and alignment.
-Movement coaching to prevent daily, challenging movements, like bending over, lifting, standing and sitting.
-Improving your balance, muscle strength and coordination.
-Information and (preventive) exercises for pregnancy-related pain or discomfort (such as cramps in the legs or pelvic region)
-Breathing, relaxation and concentration exercises in preparation of childbirth.


In this class we will work on: (your baby is welcome!)
-Recovery-enhancing exercises for the pelvic region, pelvic floor, belly, shoulders and back.
-Mobilising and strengthening torso muscle strength and torso stability.
-Becoming more conscious and improving your posture and alignment after having given birth.
-Movement guidance to prevent the daily, challenging movements such as carrying and feeding your baby, but also bending over, lifting, standing and sitting.
-Improving your balance, muscle strength and coordination.
-Information and (preventive) exercises for pain in the pelvic region.
-Breathing and relaxation exercises.
The classes take a personalised and holistic approach. In a small group, we exercise at a level and tempo that suits the individuals participating. With no more than 8 women in the group, personal attention is guaranteed. We create a pleasant atmosphere so that you will quickly feel comfortable.

Price: €17.50 for a single class (package of 10 classes for €150).
A pregnancy course is insured by some health insurance providers.
Find out how to register under Practical Information below.


-Thank you for the lovely and insightful classes.
-Thank you for all your help! I am doing so much better dealing with pelvic floor issues and you contributed to that.
-It was a great class, now I finally know what the pelvic floor actually is!
-I want to thank you for the many pleasant and professional lessons that I’ve taken with you.



Every Monday evening, we hit the gym at 19:00 together with the ladies who have given birth, between 6 weeks (with the approval of the midwife or gynaecologist) up to 1 year after the birth of their child.
At 20:00, the expecting mothers are up. You are welcome from 6 up to 30 weeks into your pregnancy.
These classes are made possible in collaboration with the organisation SAG, Rondom de Geboorte.
For more information:




You can register by email whereby you can choose between full payment for a complete series of classes or a single class. In doing so, you agree to the terms and conditions described below.
It is possible to join a course or series of classes after it has begun. If classes are full, then we can place you on a waiting list. We will contact you as soon as a spot becomes available. Participating in a course or class is done at your own risk. By registering for a course or class, you agree to these terms.


The payment can be transferred to bank account: NL46 RABO 0142 5203 57 i.n.o. GM Bakker with reference to the type of class. When you join a course after the start date, you will only be charged for the remaining classes. If your health insurance covers a particular movement programme given by a certified paramedic, I can make an invoice and declare this with your health insurance provider for you. I cannot guarantee that your insurance will cover the costs.


Cancellation can be done by email. Restitution of past sessions is not possible. When the cause is (chronic) illness that lasts longer than one month, then participation can be cancelled in writing. The payment obligation expires at the moment of cancellation.
For this reason, should you fall ill, it is important to inform me as soon as possible. You will be charged for classes missed. Classes cannot be transferred to another individual.


For reasons of hygiene, it is a good idea to bring your own towel and, if possible, your own mat.


For classes that cannot be given by the instructor due to sickness and/or vacation, the class will be given by a substitute instructor, rescheduled or you will be reimbursed for the costs. In case not enough participants have registered, the instructor reserves the right to cancel the class without further obligation for compensation of damages or costs. Should the class be stopped after it has started because not enough participants show up, then the excess amount will be refunded. If the location suddenly becomes unavailable, then arrangements will be made for another location or the option will be given to cancel the course and the payment will be refunded.


In principle, the classes will take place on a weekly basis. No classes are given during school vacation and national holidays – as stipulated by the Ministry of Education – unless otherwise specified. Also, when the temperature outdoors is above 30 degrees, the class will be called off. Restitution of payment is in this case not possible.